Gifts of the Holy Spirit- Part One

1 Corinthians 12:7-11


Nine gifts of the Holy Spirit is one of the most interesting subject among the believers. It has been a fascinating topic for the church.

Some of the gifts are very popular and others are rarely heard of. Some scholars believe that there is an unlimited number of gifts which are not mentioned here in the given passage.

These gifts can be categorised into three categories:

(A) The gifts that take place in our mind or occur within us,

(B) gifts that take place by ‘doing’, by action with our hands and body, menifested physically and

(C) the gifts that take place in our mouth, with our speech, by speaking.

(A) Gifts that happen in our mind:

1. Gift of the Word of wisdom

2. Gift of the Word of knowledge

3. Gift of Discerning of spirits

(B) Gifts of Action:

1. Gift of performing Miracles

2. Gift of healing

3. Gift of Faith

(C) Gifts of Speaking:

1. Gift of prophecy

2. Gift of other Tongues

3. Gift of interpretation of Tongues

In this message we will discuss about these gifts and how do they oparate.

We will also see some examples of the people from the Bible who operated in these gifts.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit are not natural abilities or talents but they are supernatural by nature.

1. Gift of the Word of wisdom. Verse 8

Be careful it’s not the gift of wisdom but the Gift of the ‘word of wisdom’ or the ‘message of wisdom.’ Which means a specific message of wisdom is given.

In this a supernatural wisdom or message is given to the men/women of God for a special task for which the are set apart or chosen. They have a specific calling to fulfill a special role in the body of Christ. They are given supernatural skills and talents to fulfill their calling.

This is not natural wisdom but it is supernatural wisdom. There can be wise men in the world who have common sense. The world is full of those wise philosophers. But they don’t have supernatural wisdom.

Leaders, teachers, organizers, management related workers, encouragers and contributors (supporting with seed sowing) oparate in this gift. Example from the Bible who operated in the gift of the word of wisdom:

  • (A) Joseph. He could interpret the dreams and became the prime minister of Egypt. Gensis 41:38-40.
  • (B) The craftsmen of the tabernacle, Exodus 31:2-6.
  • (C) King Solomon, as the kingdom of Israel prospered most under him and he built the temple also. He wrote the books full of wisdom like Proverbs and Ecclesiastics. He was known for his wise decisions, even the queen of Sheba came to test his wisdom. 2 Chronicles 1:11-12
  • (D) Daniel revealed the mysteries of God, had visions, interpreted the dreams and predicted the future of kingdoms and the endtimes. Daniel 2:47;4:9; 5:11-12; 9:22.
  • (E) Lord Jesus Christ, I don’t think any description is needed, for He the Lord of all wisdom. Luke 2:46-47
  • (F) Stephen, Acts 6:8-10
  • (G) Paul the Apostle, He wrote the most number of the books of Bible and answered many questions regarding Christian faith. His contribution to New Testament and the church can be attributed to his gift of the word of wisdom.2 Peter 3:15-16
2. Gift of the word of knowledge, verse 8. 

In this gift a supernatural word or message of knowledge is given to the men/women of God. It’s not a natural or common knowledge that we aquire by learning in college, University or elsewhere.

One can receive a secret information, revelation or knowledge about something or somebody. A specific piece of information, or a message for a particular group or individual is given by the Holy Spirit. When Lord Jesus told the Samaritan waman that she had five husbands, He was using the gift of the word of knowledge. Some people confuse it with prophecy, but prophecy is different from a revelation or a secret knowledge. Biblical example of this gift are:

  • (A) Lord Jesus Christ tells about Nathaniel, John 1:47-50, and Samaritan woman with the gift of the word of knowledge. John 4: 18-19, 29
  • (B) Peter revealed the secret of Ananias & Sapphira with this gift of the word of knowledge. Acts 5: 1-9
  • (C) Philip, Acts 8: 26, 29
  • (D) Paul, 1 Corinthians 12: 1
3. Gift of discerning of the spirits, verse 10.                

This is another important gift because a time comes when many deceiving spirits will come forth and can decieve even to the chosen ones, (Matthew 24:24, 1 John 4: 1)

This gift not only helps us to discern evil spirits but good spirits too. In this gift you feel within your spirit uncomfortable or a wierd feeling or a kind of distress when you are nearby an evil or bad spirit.

Biblical example of this gift:

  • (A) John the Baptist recognised Lord Jesus Christ, John 1:32-34
  • (B) Paul discerned the evil spirit in the girl, Acts 16: 16-18
  • (C) Peter, Acts 8: 20-23

In the next part we will be learning the remaining gift. Thank you. May God bless you all.

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